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Versiunea in Romana


1.Creating a management unit for the project: a manager,one long term expert, two professors from conducting classes.

1.1.The management unit will organize, implement, monitorize and evaluate on the whole length of the project.(23 months)

1.2.This project will be promoted by the management unit and the different partners (long and short term experts).

1.3The selection of the students by the Selecting Commitee, according to portfolio, objectives, motivation, and academic and artistic performances..

1.4.Establishing the schedule and the guide for the practice sessions in relations to the partners.

2.Making an opinion poll in order to analyze what is the expectance from the main actors involved in this project.

3. Orchestra/choir conducting practice performed weekl.

3.1.Assisting practice by the long term experts. Group discussions with the conductor based on films which will be projected using special equipment.1 hour per week

3.2.Individual activities with the students in order to consolidate their competences. These activities will be personalized according to each of the student’s level of competence: knowing the musical score of the orchestra/choir, conducting gestures, working with the choir or instruental assembly.

4.Evaluation will take place during summer and winter sessions. The student will receive 9 credits per year  and a grade according to the tutor.

4.1.Finnancial benefits will be awarded to the best students yearly.

4.2.A competition for both choir and orchestra will take place once a year.The evaluating commitee will give away a maximum of two prizez for both specializations,the prizes consisting in trips of 3 to 5 days in European Union member states.

4.3.At the end of each year, 15 students will conduct orchestras from different regions and 15 students will conduct choirs from solicitants The student will prove that he/she has the right competences and professionalism of a real conductor.

4.4.Making a second opinion poll regarding this time the opinions of teachers, students, supervizers or potential employers. Comparing the results from the two opinion polls and comprising them into a data base.

5.Publicity and information on the website for ensuring transparency and the equality of chances.

5.1.The results will be made public through two seminaries adn through posters, TV and radio shows and websites.

5.2.Filming and recording the DVD with the documentary and the maintainace of the web page will be attributed to specialized institutions

5.3.At the end of the last year an Europass competence certificate wil be emitted

5.4.Organizing two press conferences, at the beggining and at the end of the project, in order to make the project available to the public

6.The finnacial situation of the project will be evaluated by an external auditor at the end of each study year