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Versiunea in Romana

Target Group

The target group of the project is comprised of orchestra/choir conducting students from the solicitant institutions. The practice sessions will comprise 2 hours per week along with theoretical studies. Student activities are organized individually and in groups, will last 8 semesters(4 years in the BA degree) or 4 semesters (2 years in the MA degree). The practice sessions will comprise 96 hours on the whole length of the academic year (2 hours per 28 weeks) and 40 hours in the last 2 weeks of the final year of study. Practically, the students will learn specific conducting gestures, both individually and in groups (while one student is working the others observe and comment), or through the imaginative process (mute) –of the mental representation, or with the help of a pianist.

Because of the fact that students don’t have the opportunity to come in contact with professional assemblies in the music halls  creates the need of insttutions to cooperate with the university for elaborating ways for the students to gain competences in order to be able to penetrate the labour market.

This project will eliminate these current difficulties, providing the student direct contact with orchestras, specific musical environments and the opportunity to make an impression in the music world during initiation.

Analysis shows that students learning how to become orchestra conductors do not beneficiate from advice regarding their career possibilities. Short term collaborations and the commitments to other unrelated actvities will be diminished.

The most important dimension of this project is the partnership with other institutions and the collaboration with these institutions after the project has been finalized.

This will allow a strong partnership and the opportinity for young conductors to participate in events and come in contact with potential employers. As participants in this project, the students will beneficiate from recognition and will come in touch with the professional environment of conducting an orchestra.

This project will give equal opportunities to all students, it values being against any kind of discrimination, in this way a competitive labour force being stimulated.

On the entire length of implementation, the evaluation commitee comprised in the manager, two long term experts and two professors, will evaluate the activities performed by the students. The students with the best results, either in orchestra or choir conducting, will receive finnacial benefits. The Commitee will decide, according to the „Mastery Exam,” the best 2 students from orchestra and choir, these students being awarded, at the end of yeach year, the opportunity to visit a member state of the European Union and visit different hallmarks of european music.

The final evaluation at the end of the studies will consist in a public show, in which the graduating student will conduct a choir or orchestra from one of the partner institutions.  These institutions have the obligation to provide the finnacial and human resorces in order for the project to take place successfully.